Discover Australia’s Torres Strait

Where natural beauty, culture and hospitality meet

From the northern tip of Cape York to Papua New Guinea, almost 300 islands dot the ocean like steppingstones. Very few are inhabited – and only a handful permit visitors – but intrepid travellers who venture to Australia’s northernmost outpost will be rewarded with a glimpse into a fascinating culture, stunning landscapes and a slice of history. Journey to this culturally unique part of Australia and you will find vibrant Indigenous communities celebrating their strong connection to land and sea since time in memoriam.

Strait Experience is a proudly Torres Strait owned business – our trust with community, lived experience in the region and stakeholder network has enabled us to ‘unlock’ the regions tourism potential with an unmatched level of accessibility. Strait Experience continually works to engage small-scale indigenous operators to build their business and their profile to provide a high-quality list of products, services, experiences, tours and accommodation options for every type of traveller.